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Liquid Base Vape Shop - advanced E Liquid Basic Zero or with nicotine, flavor or steam-ready Liquids in our 24h Liquid Shop buy cheap. for all E Liquids self mix we have over 400x aroma cheap !

The Liquid Base® is an Liquid online shop for Liquids mix vaper or those who are are looking for a cheap E-Liquid, which have a very good price / performance ratio. So you can also buy our high-quality E-Liquids buy with Mengerabatt more cheaply here in the Liquids Shop. All e Liquids produce a great amount of steam and have natural-like aromas. Many starter & complete sets are especially suitable for beginners and beginners. But also experienced steamers can buy here a high-quality cheap E-Liquids, which produces huge quantities of steam. In addition to beginner sets and E-Liquid with nicotine, you will also find many other liquid self mix accessories.

With our range of well-known manufacturers from Germany with the individual components such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as the finished e Liquid Base for eliquids, we have set a basic philosophy for our E Liquid shop. Base materials in excellent quality guarantee the high standard of our flavor liquid with and without nicotine. Whether you buy fruit liquids or tobacco e liquids, there is something for every taste in our Vape Shop.

  • Giant selection of PG, VG, VPG liquid base in pharmaceutical quality
  • Large range of highly concentrated liquid flavors (4 - 10%)
  • E-Liquids in many different flavors and nicotine strengths
  • Liquid mixing Sets + Complete sets and many many more


We guarantee highest purity, pharmaceutical quality according to DAB / USP / EP standards

By mixing a flavor concentrator with an e-liquid base, you can easily create your own e-liquid. Our flavors are so highly concentrated that you only need 3-5% flavor to make a ready-made e-liquid with the base "Naturebase". A 10ml aroma bottle is enough for 200-330ml of finished E-Liquid.

Tobacco E-Liquid

The Liquid-Base Tobacco Liquids impress with their high premium quality and the favorable price. Very many of our customers have managed to get rid of the conventional cigarette through our tobacco liquors with nicotine. E-Liquid with nicotine, the strength of which you can choose.

Sale only to persons over 18 years!

Please note that an age test will be carried out by DHL, so please make sure that you enter your data + date of birth correctly in the order form and keep the ID card ready when the order is delivered.


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