Liquid flavors for e Liquids self mixing in 24h e Liquids flavor Shop





Concentrated liquid flavors buy cheap in our e Liquid flavor Shop for e liquids self mixing, for the production of own liquids.

Each e Liquid flavor is a highly concentrated food flavor directly from the manufacturer.

The dose recommendation is noted for each individual liquid flavor.



Please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, Facebook or our contact form for help about liquids mixing

Of course, we also have liquid mixing instructions and valuable mixing tips for you: Mix liquid yourself

We would like to mix your own flavor, choose from 3 liquid flavors from our assortment, just click here: buy desire flavor

You want a flavor that we do not lead? We are constantly expanding our assortment of flavors and gladly accept suggestions: Contact form

Of course, you can also order ready-made e-liquids - steam finished liquids




Our aromas are concentrated liquid flavors, which are mixed to liquids / bases - please NEVER use purify!





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