Liquids mixing

Liquids mixing

Liquids mix with Liquid Bases Bundles, Aroma and Nicotine shots

Liquids mix with Liquid Bases Bundles, Aroma and Nicotine Shots - E-Liquids self mixing, Very Easy Eliquid manufacturing according to TPD2.

Even after the amendment of the law from 20.05.17 the E Liquid self mix is very easy even for newcomers.

In our Liquids Shop you can buy Liquid Basic Bundle, in which you give the nicotine (nicotineshots) only to the Liquid Base, shake well and the nicotine liquid is ready. --- Click here for our
Shake & Vape Bundles

With the Shake & Vape Kits, you get E Liquid Base and nicotine shots in exactly the right amount to get the nicotine you want - so the base bottle is not full, but filled with the right amount to keep the shots fit.

Of course we also carry "normal" sets for all self-mixers - here the base is completely full and in the set exactly the number of Nic-Shots to get to the desired nicotine content.


Nicotine shots - table

100ml liquid bases with nicotine shots 20mg / ml each 10ml

- 2mg / ml nicotine = 1 shot + 90ml liquid base

- 3mg / ml nicotine = 1.5 shots (15ml nicotine + 85ml liquid base

- 4mg / ml Nicotine = 2 Shots + 80ml Liquid Base

- 6mg / ml Nicotine = 3 Shots + 70ml Eliquid Base

- 9mg / ml nicotine = 4 shots + 60ml liquid base

- 12mg / ml nicotine = 6 shots + 40ml eliquid base

500ml Liquid Base with nicotine shots 20mg / ml in 10ml

- 3mg / ml nicotine = 7 shots + 430ml base

- 6mg / ml nicotine = 15 shots + 350ml base

- 9mg / ml nicotine = 22 shots + 280ml base

- 12mg / ml nicotine = 30 shots + 200ml base

1000ml Liquid Base with nicotine shot 20mg / ml in 10ml

- 3mg / ml nicotine = 15 shots + 850ml liquid base

- 6mg / ml nicotine = 30 shots + 700ml e-liquid base

- 9mg / ml nicotine = 45 shots + 550ml eliquid base

- 12mg / ml Nicotine = 60 Shots + 400ml e Liquid Base



To self mix E Liquids best are food flavors.

But also here ATTENTION: it must NOT contain oils, fats, dyes or even sugar, which is why not all food flavor to mix the liquid selfmix.

If you are not sure, ask before buying flavors from the manufacturer / supplier.

Of course we offer you exclusively "evaporator-friendly" liquid flavors

---- You can buy them in our liquid shop under
Liquid Flavor


Aroma dosage:

Well, yes to the dosage can generally make no general information, because each manufacturer focuses his liquid aroma very different. In our opinion, the best and most profitable flavor are the food flavors with lower dosages (1% up to max 10%) - There are also manufacturers that dilute "stretch" their flavors so that you are in the double digits (15% - 20% and more !!) - we advise against that, because you need very large amounts of food flavor.


In most cases, the dosage recommendations are the same with the e Liquid flavor, whereby, of course, the intensity of the taste is "purely a matter of taste" and depends on individual preferences.

A very important role is played by the Liquid Basic! Bases consist of VG and PG, where PG is responsible for the aroma development, while VG assumes only very poor flavor!

Thus, the rule is: the more VG in the liquid base, the more flavor you need to get the best taste in the finished e-liquid!

TIP to Dosage: Due to the different tastes, we always advise on the lowest to maximum average recommendation limit (in our flavors so at 5%) to start ..- should the taste then be insufficient, you can still increase the dosage !!

Example: 5% means:

to 10ml base 0.5ml aroma
on 100ml base 5ml aroma
to 1000ml base 50ml aroma

Our average Aroma Dosage recommendations:

50/50 Base = 4% - 9%
70/30 Base = 7% - 13%
80/20 Base = 9% - 15%

TIP: for E Liquid self mixing, to dose the aroma dosage and liquid base measure are syringes, liquid bottles and liquid mixer sets are an essential help!

You can find all this in our E Liquids Shop at:

 Liquid bottles
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