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Liquid Base 12mg

Liquid Base 12mg/ml nicotine

Liquid Base 12mg/ml nicotine



Liquid Base 12mg / ml Nicotine Base Liquids storage Base


Liquid base 12mg / ml Nicotine storag base - e Liquid bases with 12mg nicotine purest  nicotine Liquids

E Liquid Base 12mg nicotine for e Liquids self mixing.

E-Liquid bases are preferred in different nicotine strengths - the Eliquid Basis with 12mg / ml nicotine belongs to the strong Eliquid Basics.

This nicotine base is recommended for smokers who smoked up to a packet a day.

Which strength is now suitable for you is made dependent on the current cigarette consumption. The question is therefore whether one was for example strong smokers, since we advise to 12mg or 9mg or rather an occasional smoker who wants to finally leave his vice, here 6mg or 3mg nicotine is recommended ..

In general, the more smoked, the more e-liquid should be. Beginners should not set their targets too high. First of all, it is important to switch from the tobacco cigarette to the electronic cigarette E-cigarette. Once this success has been recorded, a gradual reduction in nicotine content can be considered.

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