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Nicotine Shots

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Nicotineshots 50/50 pure PG / VG 20mg nicotine shots 10ml

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Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots - Liquid Base nicotineshots


Nicotine Shots, Liquid Base Nicotineshots for E-Liquids self mixer

Here you can find our nicotine shots, currently from pure PG or pure VG, cloud 70/30 or Balance 50/50 storage base all with 20mg/ml nicotine in 10ml sizes.

Of course our nicotine shots are TPD2 compliant!

Whether you want to buy 1 liter liquid base and a few PG nicotine shots 20mg / ml nicotine and to use our conversion table (just click the following link: 
liquid base conversion table)

Or our ready-made Liquid Base Mix Kits, we have something for everyone!

With our mix kits, you get exactly the amount of e liquid bases and shots in the set, so you do not have to calculate and do not need tables: simply tilt Base + Shot, shake well and finish !!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!