Liquid Base 0mg-15mg nicotine 500ml + e Liquids mixing set


Liquid Base 0mg-15mg nicotine 500ml + e Liquids mixing set

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1 l = 37.80 €

Liquid Base 0mg 3mg 6mg 9mg 12mg 15mg Nicotine 500ml + e Liquids mixing Set

Liquid Base nicotinefree 0mg or with 3mg 6mg 9mg 12ml and 15ml Nicotine 500ml + useful e Liquids mixing Set: with this e-Liquid Mixer Complete Set you have everything you need for E-Liquids self create!

The set includes:

500ml VPG Liquid Base in your desired mixing ratio
if you want with nicotine shot
100ml PE bottle with measuring scale on the bottle (including lid)
Liquid funnel
100ml Measuring Beaker / Mixing Beaker
1ml syringe
2ml syringe
10ml syringe

For our highest quality liquid basics we use exclusively purest propylene glycol 99.7% purity according to USP & pure vegetable glycerin 99.5% purity according to DAB!

All true experts will notice the difference between the conventional 99.5% and our 99.7% (according to our customers). In any case, the better the raw materials, the better the eLiquid Base!

The nicotine shots are TPD2 compliant with integrated instruction leaflet!

Our liquid bases and also the raw materials are odorless and tasteless!

The 500ml e Liquid Bases are delivered in PET medical bottles according to the pharmaceutical standard (produced in the cleaning room!) - these ensure optimal shelf life and are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 with child safety and tamper-proof lid as well as leakage protection!

The delivery of our Liquid Basic in high-quality Veral bottles assures an optimal shelf life (approx. 2 years !!!) with proper storage (cool, dry and especially dark - recommendation in the cellar)

Shots delivery:

  •   3mg =   7 Shots
  •   6mg = 15 Shots
  •   9mg = 22 Shots
  • 12mg = 30 Shots
  • 15mg = 37 Shots

For questions about the e liquid self mixing or consulting to our e-Liquid bases, we are at your disposal!

Sales only from 18 years!

The delivery is exclusively with DHL age examination, therefore please keep the ID card ready for delivery!



eLiquid basic & raw materials always use safely and NOT in the reach of children!

Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women and not for non-smokers !!

For the nicotine shots:

- Nicotine is a nerve pest and is highly dependent!

- Avoid skin contact!

- In case of contact with skin wash immediately with plenty of water + soap

- If you feel unwell, seek medical advice

Table on 20mg / ml nicotine shots for 500ml eLiquid base with 3mg / 6mg / 9mg / 12mg or 15mg nicotine


500ml Base 3mg/ml Nikotin= 70ml Nikotin (=7 Stück Shots)

                                                 +    430ml Liquid Base

500ml Base 6mg/ml Nikotin= 150ml Nikotin (=15 Stück Shots)

                                                 +   350ml e Liquid Base

500ml Base 9mg/ml Nikotin= 220ml Nikotin (=22 Stück Shots)

                                                 +  280ml eLiquid Base

500ml Base 12mg/ml Nikotin= 300ml Nikotin (=30 Stück Shots)

                                                 + 200ml e-Liquid Base

"Base calculators" can be found on the net, but we also have a lot of offers with which you do not need any bills or tables! See for yourself!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!



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