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Liquid flavor Vape Shop Specials

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1 l = 299.00 €

Liquid flavor Vape Shop Specials

liquid flavor Vape Shop specials Eliquid basic shisha e-cigarette flavors - big range from more than 200x e-liquid aroma

Choose your food flavors from 10ml, 30ml, 100ml, 30ml pipette bottle or 30ml SKULL skull bottle!

Liquid Base Vape ShopⓇ Food flavor without ethanol, diacetyl, etc. - so especially suitable for mixing E Liquid, but also for e-hookah or hookah tobacco and much more - highly concentrated, super taste and very versatile.

Here is a list of all flavors - the complete list you find in german describe (Order "Aroma on Request" and add your wish to order!):

Black Forest Cherry

KiBa (cherry banana)

Cherry Menthol

Peach Menthol

Mango Menthol

Ice Menthol

Strawberry Menthol

Strawberry citrus

Strawberry kiwi

Cherry Mint

Frozen Cherry

Frozen Raspberry

Frozen Strawberry

Frozen Mangoes

Frozen Peach

Frozen Watermelon

Strawberry Cake

Fruits Cake

Cool Apple

Cool Exotic

Ice Candy

ice crystal

Ice candy menthol

Cherry ice candy

Mint cherry ice candy

Apple ice candy

Raspberry ice candy

Strawberry ice candy

Energy Cola

Energy Drink

Ice orange


Ice Watermelon

Watermelon cherry

Watermelon Mint

Watermelon apple

Cola citrus
Cherry cola
Apple Coke

Cola Cognac

Cognac Energy

Sex on the beach

Pina Colada

Red Blue Mix (Blueberry Mix)

Whiskey Cola

Whiskey Energy

Kryptonite by LB (Ice Candy Mix)
Crypton by LB (Lime Mix)

Kryptonite -next Chapter (Woodruff Mix)
Vanilla donut
Chocolate donut

cocos donut

Cool Apple

Cool Mint

Cool Tropic

Cool Exotic



Raspberry cranberry

Cranberry cherry

Apple cranberry

Pink Panther

red sweet fruits

After Vape (Mint chocolate)

Vaping bad by LB (fruit mixture)

Dragon (mango mix)

Roast apple special

Roast apple

Sex on Ice

Summer Hit (Pineapple Cocos)

Ice menthol

Banana shake

Strawberry shake

Raspberry shake

Cherry shake

Peach shake

Peach passion fruit shake

Strawberry banana shake

Mango shake

Mango peach shake

Pineapple coco shake

Pineapple peach shake

Strawberry peach shake

Strawberry Kiwi Shake

Blueberry Shake

Strawberry vanilla shake

Raspberry vanilla shake

Mango strawberry shake

Pineapple mango shake

Cherry banana shake

Vanilla cherry shake

Mango vanilla shake

Banana vanilla shake

Raspberry banana shake

Chocolate shake

Cocoa shake

Chocolate banana shake

Chocolate cherry shake

Strawberry chocolate shake

Coco chocolate shake

Apple vanilla shake

Blueberry vanilla shake

Mango kiwi

Apple kiwi

Kiwi cherry

Pineapple peach

Banana grit

Banana cream

Drunken Cherry (including chocolate cherry)

Dragon King (super delicious exotic fruits)

Dragon Blood (including Raspberry / Blueberry Blend)

Hoodstock (including Walderdbeer mixture)

Red Queen (according to customers similar to Red Astaire)

Sweet Dreams (chocolate / fruit / nut mixture)

Blue Water (Woodruff Mix)

Black Venom (not for tender taste buds!)


Blueberry Cheescake

Strawberry Cheescake (Strawberry)

Raspberry Cheescake (Raspberry)

Tangerine cheesecake

Cherry Cheescake

Lemon Cheescake

RED QUEEN (according to customers something similar to the Red Astaire)

Lanchester (among others apple anise mixture)

Bromberg (inter alia, blackberry mixture)

Strawberry FIZZ (Strawberry Citrus)

Vape Fruits (exotic fruit mixture)

Dragons (among others cactus mango mixture)

Dragon Mix (including Raspberry Vanilla Blend)





Strawberry citrus

Dragon blood (including a refreshing berry mixture)

Dragon Eye (sweet fruit + berry mix)

Dragon Heart (including cherry blend)

ice crystal
Ice apple

Ice Cherry

Ice Blueberry

Ice Raspberry

Ice Strawberry

Ice apple grape

Ice Fruits (refreshing fruity)

Ice grape

green mint

Bubble gum

Spearmint chewing gum






Cactus lime


Caramel cappuccino

Vanilla cappuccino

Chocolate cappuccino
Chocolate gingerbread

Almond gingerbread

Apple Cake

Almond apple pie

Cinnamon apple pie

Vanilla apple pie

Pear Mint



Anise apple

Anise pear

Woodruff anise

Raspberry vanilla

Strawberry Vanilla


Vanilla cherry

Vanilla cream

Nougat cream

Coco cream

Banana cream


Fruits mix


milk chocolate


Blueberry Mix



Apple green

Red apple

Double apple

Apple pear

Apple orange

Apple lime

Apple cherry

Apple citrus

Apple Cinnamon

Apple anise

Apple mango

Apple grapefruit

Grapefruit lime

Mandarin orange




Mint Tobacco

Tobacco (American Blend)


Tobacco US Red Mix

Tobacco Virginia

Tobacco no. 5

Tobacco special

Ice tobacco

Dragon Tobacco

Tobacco apple

Tobacco pear

Tobacco walnut

Tobacco hazelnut

Vanilla tobacco

Caramel tobacco

Tobacco mango

Strawberry tobacco

Cherry Tobacco

Tobacco Mint

Menthol tobacco

Tobacco cappuccino


Chocolate gingerbread

Almond gingerbread


Chocolate butter biscuit

Mr. Yummy (including strawberry cream mix)



Pineapple mango
Pineapple peach

Pineapple Coco

Pineapple kiwi

Apple pineapple

Cassis (blackcurrant)


LB Special (Mango Mix)

Vanilla Hood (Forest Fruit Mix)

Raspberry Kiss (Kiss = Vanilla)

Strawberry Kiss


we offer our flavors especially for e-liquids mixing, but these can also be used in many ways.
Also makes good in your homemade cosmetics (such as lip balms, soap, etc.) to aromatize tobacco and much more - let your imagination run wild!

Especially to mix E liquids by yourself, without sugar, fats, oils, diacetyl etc.

Each Liquid Aroma offered by us is especially suitable for e-liquids WITHOUT lung and vaporizer harmful ingredients!

Add a little of our flavor concentrate to your liquid base to get the flavor you want.

Spar- / Kombiversand about shopping cart in any case possible

Recommended dosage: 2 - 8% depending on the type of use and aroma variety

The dosage recommendation of our flavors is noted on each bottle! However, we do not guarantee any dosage, this is a matter of taste and is significantly related to the Usage (mixing the E Liquid, the liquid base is crucial, VG biased bases need much more than we recommend, with PG bases usually even with less than recommended to us very well!)


Our liquid flavors are especially suitable for the production of liquids - because each flavor is highly concentrated, please do not consume undiluted and never steam pure!

Please note that the dosage recommendation is only a RECOMMENDATION, no fixed / guaranteed value ... Flavors are known to be different! Of course, the actual dosage depends on the type of use! - Mixing the E Liquid, the Liquid Base determines the dosage: the more VG in a base, the more flavor is needed to get in the final Eliquid taste.

Please always start with little flavor and increase the dosage if necessary several times in small steps until the taste is exactly what you want!

We are happy to answer your questions or help at any time!

Flavors belong to the stimulants - Return / exchange for hygienic reasons ONLY possible from original sealed bottles!





Product Note Status Price
1ml fine-spraying syringe 5 pcs 1ml fine-spraying syringe 5 pcs
2.39 € *
1 piece(s) = 0.48 €
1ml fine-spraying syringe 10 pcs 1ml fine-spraying syringe 10 pcs
2.99 € *
1 piece(s) = 0.30 €
30ml liquid bottles 5 pcs 30ml liquid bottles 5 pcs
from 4.50 € *
1 piece(s) = 0.90 €
Liquid Mixing Set 2 Liquid Mixing Set 2
16.90 € *
100ml liquid base syringe 100ml liquid base syringe
3.99 € *
100ml liquid bottle 100ml liquid bottle
1.79 € *
1 piece(s) = 0.36 €
100ml scale bottle PET 100ml scale bottle PET
1.79 € *
10ml liquid bottles 10ml liquid bottles
from 0.99 € *
Liquidbottles Chubby Gorilla Mixing Bottles Set Liquidbottles Chubby Gorilla Mixing Bottles Set
14.90 € *
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